B&M Bi-Fold doors are a stunning addition to your home.

You may find our bi-fold doors provide an aesthetically delightful alternative to traditional sliding doors. Our collection of bi-fold doors provide not only a visually stunning feature to your living space but also are proven to be strong and flexible. Our doors provide your home with wider entrances from your home into surrounding space such as a garden, or a connecting room.

  • Wider opening that patio doors
  • Robust and sturdy design
  • Secure system
  • aesthetically pleasing

We provide advanced engineering accompanied with flawless manufacturing when it comes to bi-fold doors. Our range of aluminium doors will not rust or rot and last you for a longer period of time. You can also select your favourite colour scheme and glazing option to go with your doors. We have also taken into consideration the importance of security and energy efficiency and so all our doors come equipped with multi-point locking mechanism and thermal proof.

Through our range of bi-fold doors, it adds individuality and character to your home creating a timeless elegance through our selection of doors.