Bow and Bay Windows for Salisbury Homes

Installing a set of bow and bay windows is a fantastic way of helping your Salisbury home feel brighter and warmer. Essentially, bow or bay frames are an alignment of casement windows made to naturally protrude from the front of the home. They are often seen fitted to older properties that are between fifty and a hundred years old here in the UK.

However, they are becoming an increasingly popular home improvement option here in Wiltshire. Whether you’re looking to replace existing bow and bay windows with a new set, or have them retrofitted onto your home, they make for a fantastic renovation. By using the same profiles as we do with our casements, our bow and bay windows are again supplied by REHAU.

Why Choose Bow and Bay Windows?

Bow and bay windows make for an excellent renovation choice for many reasons. Among their many benefits, they are a superb way of allowing more light into your home, as the sun’s rays will refract off the windows that sit at either end of the alignment.

If you have a brighter home, it will give off the illusion of more space. When combined with the protruding style of the window itself, your lounge, dining room or front-facing bedroom can feel much roomier. They are a great investment for modestly sized homes.

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Thermal Performance

Our bow and bay windows are fantastically energy efficient. With this, they do an excellent job of retaining your home’s natural heat, while also preventing cold wind from entering your Salisbury home. With this, they are perfect for the modern homeowner.

The uPVC profile is internally chambered, with each layer working to separate your home from the cold outside. Meanwhile, innovative double glazing will trap your home’s natural warmth. With less heat escaping, you can potentially have your central heating on lower during winter.


Our bow and bay windows come with a multitude of customisation options for you as the homeowner. With this, you can create a tailored build that is bespoke to you. Whether you live in a modern property or something more traditional, your new windows will blend perfectly.

You can choose from a range of colour finishes and foils, including authentic woodgrains for authentic visuals. What’s more, you can opt for one of many window configurations, including side-hung casements, top-hung casements and even fixed frames.


A modern window needs to be weatherproof. Our REHAU bow and bay windows are designed to be totally watertight, protecting your home against the elements. You’ll have no concerns about water damage, rotting or the forming of damp spots.

What’s more, the internal components of the window will be protected thanks to this standard of weatherproofing. You’ll never need to worry about standing water in the window or any rusting to the locks, handles or hinges. Your windows will therefore last for much longer.

Bow and Bay Windows Prices Salisbury

If you’re interested in getting a quote for a set of bow and bay windows, you’re in the right place. We have an online quoting engine you can use on any device. Simply input the amount of casement frames need to complete your new set of windows for an instant price.

For a more accurate costing for a set of bow and bay windows, contact us directly today. You can leave your details and measurements on our online form, and we’ll reach out to you. Alternatively, you can call us directly today on 01722 414655.

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Use our online quoting engine to get an instant quote for your new windows. It’s free to use and works on mobile, tablet and desktop, so get started now!

We take pride in completing efficient yet professional installations of all our products. Despite offering bespoke builds, you won’t be waiting long for your new windows.

In addition to working with companies that supply their products to us quicker, our skilled team of installers will be spending less time fitting at your home, keeping disruption to a minimum.

We’re proud of the fact that we’re a smaller business than the national installers. This is because we can treat every customer individually, catering to their needs.

Our dedicated service team will ensure that the process goes smoothly, while being as stress and hassle free as possible for you as the homeowner. You’re in hands when you choose B&M Windows.

Our bow and bay windows are incredibly reasonably priced. We take pride in ensuring we always remain competitive with the market around us. This means we will never be charging over the odds.

What’s more, our quoting service will provide you with instant and transparent pricing. We don’t believe in adding hidden costs at the end of the fitting and make the entire quote clear from the outset.


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