Conservatories for Salisbury Homes

Installing one of our conservatories is a fantastic way of expanding your Salisbury home. You’ll fit a brand new social space for you and your family, which can function for a multitude of purposes. You’ll be investing in an extension that can be used 12 months a year, offering you the perfect place to relax during both the summer months and the winter ones.

Our conservatories come fitted with some of the most impressive technological advancements on the market today. This includes one of two high performance roofs, as well as thermal enhancements including insulated columns and a perimeter pelmet. We have access to such technology by using the market leader Ultraframe as our designated conservatory component supplier.

Conservatory Styles

We install a wide range of conservatories across Salisbury and Wiltshire. They come in an array of styles, to suit different purposes and décor. If you have a more traditional home, you may be interested in either our Victorian or Edwardian conservatory styles.

If you live in a more modestly sized property, your home could benefit from a lean-to conservatory, which comes with a slanted roof. If you instead live in something larger, one of our grand gable-end conservatories could your option of choice.

Conservatories Prices Salisbury

Year Round Use

Unlike the outdated extensions of old, our conservatories can be used all year round. During winter, thermal enhancements will ensure it feels as warm as any other room in your house, without the need to have your heating on excessively high.

Meanwhile, ventilation systems make sure that our conservatories aren’t overly stuffy during the warmer seasons, even when the doors are kept shut at night. This prevents the build-up of condensation too, an expensive problem which can form in older, poorly ventilated conservatories.

Stunning Design

Our conservatories are stunning in design. Whatever style you opt for, you’ll be left with a gorgeous extension that can become the focal point of your home. What’s more, we have a range of decorative enhancements that can be improve the aesthetics even more.

Opt for a solid roof over the traditional glazed one, and your conservatory can drastically change visually. For a more subtle aesthetic difference, choose a tiered or curved cornice around the perimeter of the roofline. Both choices help enhance the visual appeal of our conservatories.


Older polycarbonate conservatories are known for their poor performance in adverse weather. This often worsens as the extension becomes older, with many outdated roof systems beginning to leak, rot or become foggy as the year’s pass. Our conservatories are nothing like that.

They are weatherproof thanks to Ultraframe’s innovative StormShield technology. This works to ensure that the conservatories perform in adverse weather. Each one is postcode engineered, ensuring there are structurally secure, whatever the wind speeds are in your area.

Conservatories Prices Salisbury

Here at B&M, we have an online quoting engine which you can use today to get an instant, estimated price for one of our conservatories. Choose the style and enter exact dimensions, and you’ll receive a quote that will be accurate to the final price.

Alternatively, you are welcome to approach us directly to get quotes for our extensions over the phone. Leave your details and the measurements of your desired conservatory on our online form, and we’ll contact you. You can also ring us directly on 01722 414655.

Conservatory Styles Wiltshire

Get A Quote Today

Use our online quoting engine if you’re interested in getting a price for one of our conservatories. It’s free to use and works on any device.

All our conservatories are made to order. This means that they can designed to your exact tastes, rather than you having to choose from some pre-selected options.

With this, you can choose a range of customisation choices, most significantly including the style. You can also opt for one of many colour options, allowing your conservatory to unify with the rest of your home.

We thrive on the fact that we’re a reliable, local home improvement specialist. With this, you receive an exemplary standard of customer service, to a standard you won’t receive from a national company.

We acknowledge that having a conservatory build is a stressful process for the homeowner. With this, we work to guide you through the process, ensuring it’s as hassle free as possible.

We take pride in offering affordable prices for all our home improvement products. This includes our conservatories, which could be available for much less than you first thought.

To achieve this, we continuously scout the market around us in Wiltshire. This ensures that we aren’t charging premium prices for our products, allowing more homeowners to make their renovations.


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