Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors for Salisbury Homes

Here at B&M, we offer the finest aluminium bi-fold doors Salisbury has to offer. When looking for the market’s most innovative and modern back door option, you should look no further than a set of bi-folds. Operating on an inline slider much like a patio door, the panels neatly fold when opened, sitting at either end of the framework instead.

The profile for these doors is also made from aluminium as opposed to uPVC. Aluminium is a premium material, thus providing an enhanced standard of weatherproofing, energy efficiency and security. Our aluminium bi-fold doors are supplied to us by AluK. Their Optio bi-fold door is of the highest quality, promising consistently high performance levels for years to come.

Why Choose Bi-Folding Doors?

Aluminium bi-fold doors lead the way when it comes to back door alternatives. As a material, aluminium is much stronger than uPVC, meaning the sightlines can be made slimmer without affecting the structural integrity. Slimmer frames allow for more glazing, letting more light into your home.

Aluminium bi-fold doors can be used for an array of different purposes. Wide-spanning bi-folds can be fitted to a conservatory or extension as a means of opening into your garden. They can also be fitted to any garden-facing room of your existing home, brightening it up and adding another method of exit.

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Thermal Performance

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are designed to deliver a superb thermal performance. They are fitted with double glazing as standard, with the option of a triple glazing upgrade. This allows them to achieve impressively low U-values, retaining more of your home’s natural warmth.

During summer, your home or extension will never feel overly stuffy. This is because our wide-spanning aluminium bi-fold doors can  help ventilate your property. Opening them halfway, fully, or somewhere in between will allow natural breeze to pass throughout your home.

Longer Lasting

As a material, aluminium is famed for its lifespan. Our aluminium bi-fold doors could realistically last for decades if correctly looked after, while still maintaining the factory-fresh look it had when it was installed. They are fully weatherproof, meaning they are never damaged by the elements.

What’s more, these aluminium bi-fold doors are fitted with a high performance stainless steel roller. This ensures a long-lasting and seamless operation. The door will never become hard to open, as the rollers will never become jarred or sticky, no matter how frequently you use them.


Our aluminium bi-fold doors can be customised to your tastes. You can configure the set-up of the doors themselves, including the amount of panels you want. You can also choose where the door opens, be it at either end, in the middle or somewhere between the two.

The framework can be finished with one of an array of topcoats, allowing these bi-folds to suit just about any style of home. This includes the traditional grey of the aluminium, as well as more striking colours that can unify with your other windows and doors.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Prices Salisbury

We have an online quoting engine here at B&M that you can use to get estimated prices for a set of our bi-fold doors. Our cost calculator is free to use and works on any device, making it easier than ever to get instant and accurate prices.

We are still happy to provide estimated quotes for our products over the phone. To do so, leave your details on our online form, and we’ll contact you. If you have any immediate questions, you can instead call us directly today on 01722 414655.

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Looking for a quick and easy way to get an aluminium bi-fold doors quote? Use our online quoting engine today – it’s free to use.

Our home improvement products are made bespoke to order. This is because we offer such a wide array of customisation options that each of the bi-fold doors we install can be different from the last.

This means that you’ll be able to design your bi-folds to suit your exact tastes. Whatever style of home you live in here in Wiltshire, your doors can unify and complement your property’s visuals.

When you choose to use B&M over a major national installer, you’ll receive a better standard of customer service. We value the business each customer brings us.

Our support team will guide you through the installations process, ensuring it is as stress free as possible. Meanwhile, our installers are always professional, polite and courteous.

We don’t believe in pricing our customers out of making their dream renovations. Instead, we keep a close eye on the market in Salisbury to ensure our prices remain fair.

What’s more, every quote we provide to our customers is accurate and transparent. We don’t believe in throwing in any hidden costs at the end – all our quotes cover both supply and installation.


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