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Any Westbury home can benefit from our modern aluminium bifold doors added to their patio or garden entrance. All our aluminium bifold doors are provided to us via AluK, a highly accredited and renowned fabricator in the UK and internationally. 

Aluminium can provide a whole series of advantages to your home, including sleek and slim sightlines, incredible durability, and lightweight performance. The thinner frames offer more space for our highly efficient double glazing, leading to a warmer home that doesn’t lose out on any security.

For even more thermal performance, we’re pleased to offer double and triple glazing variants for our aluminium bifold doors. Triple glazing can keep any Westbury home warm and cosy, even in the middle of winter, without you needing to rely on central heating or electric heaters.

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Why Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors?

Aluminium bifold doors have become a highly popular home improvement item due to their simple to use design that is capable of enhancing any property in many useful ways. The thick double glazing and robust frames can keep out cold draughts and leaks while also providing excellent insulation when closed. When open, they offer a broad and uninterrupted view and entrance to the outside, perfect for those with large patios or gardens.

At B&M windows & doors, we can provide a large collection of hardware, finishes, and colours. No matter what aesthetic your home has, and no matter if it’s big or small, we’re sure to have something to match your style.

aluminium bifold door prices Westbury

Highly Energy Efficient

No matter which glazing option you choose, our glazing is designed to entrap heat within your home, keeping it warm and dry. The double and triple glazing panes used in our aluminium bifold doors have a thin gap between them which makes it difficult for heat to escape, letting your home be more efficient with the energy it consumes. 

By reducing the amount of energy it takes to heat your home, you could benefit from reduced energy bills over time, alongside a lower carbon footprint. Our well insulated aluminium bifold doors can also have the added benefit of keeping unwanted sounds at bay, leading to a quieter home. Or, it can also have the opposite effect and can keep your own sounds in, so you can avoid disturbing your neighbours at strange hours of the night.

Slim Sightlines

The frames and profiles used in these aluminium bifold doors can easily withstand any sort of British weather. Even after intense rainfall or hot summer days, your aluminium bifold doors can maintain their shape without warping, bending, or swelling. Aluminium doesn’t retain moisture like timber can, meaning there’s less chance of mould or stuck frames. 

Additionally, our aluminium bifold doors colours and finishes are designed to maintain their beautiful lustre without fading over time. Your Westbury home can continue to look its best for years to come with only minimal maintenance.

Secure Design

Despite being a surprisingly lightweight material, aluminium is a highly durable material that can easily resist rusting or tarnishing. Thanks to these properties, our aluminium bifold doors can be constructed with extremely slim sightlines, leaving much more room for thermally efficient glazing. With larger panes of glass, your home can be flooded with large amounts of natural light, even when the doors are closed!

Unlike timber or uPVC, our aluminium bifold doors can make the most of any space, creating the illusion of additional room as the thin profiles can open up almost an entire wall of space.

Aluminium Bifold Door Prices Westbury

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