Sliding Sash Windows for Salisbury Homeowners

Sliding sash windows are the perfect renovation option if you live in an older property here in Salisbury. As authentic replicas of the vertical sliding frames of old, they are a superb way of adding modern glazing to a period home without compromising on aesthetics. You can reap the rewards of the latest in window technology while still maintaining your home’s period charm.

Our sliding sash windows are supplied to us by Spectus. They produce the finest vertical sliding windows on the market. They are fitted with better hardware, which is neatly hidden through decorative enhancements. What’s more, all the Spectus product ranges come with a comprehensive ten year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Why Choose Sliding Sash Windows?

If you live in an older property here in Salisbury, then you may have authentic timber sliding windows fitted to your home. While they may look traditional, they won’t be fitted with anywhere near the amount of modern technology that our replicas have.

Pile seals are fitted to prevent draughts, while child safety catches and spring balances are installed to prevent the window from slamming shut and trapping fingers. In essence, you’re getting a completely modern window designed to look traditional.

Sliding Sash Window Prices Amesbury

Thermally Efficient

Unlike the vertical sliders of old, our uPVC sliding sash windows are incredibly thermally efficient. A chambered profile will work in harmony with modern double glazing to ensure that your home remains at the optimal temperature all year round.

With this, you may not actually need to have your heating on as high for your home to feel warm and cosy. The glazing will keep a pocket of air between you and the cold outside, ensuring as little heat escapes as possible. With this, they are a smart investment for a modern homeowner.


Our sliding sash windows are made bespoke to order and are therefore available with a broad array of customisation possibilities. Spectus have over 30 colour finishes on offer, including authentic woodgrain shades such as Rustic and Natural Oaks.

You’ll also be able to customise your frames with a variety of visual enhancements. This includes authentic sash horns, which aid both the aesthetics and the window’s security. There is also a range of handles and other accessories, including stunning Georgian bars.

Long Lasting

Our sliding sash windows are made from uPVC, rather than timber. As a material, uPVC has a significantly longer lifespan, often performing for north of 20 or even 30 years before needing to be replaced. This makes our sliding sash windows impressively long lasting.

What’s more, they require very little upkeep are also incredibly easy to maintain. The top pane can be tilted outwards, making the window easier to clean. Furthermore, the uPVC profile will never fade or need varnishing, with only the hinges needing an irregular dusting.

Sliding Sash Windows Prices Salisbury

Here at B&M Windows, we have a quoting engine which you can use to get free costs for any of our products. It’s incredibly easy to use, only requiring a few contact details and the specifications of your desired sliding sash windows.

Alternatively, we are still happy to provide quotes for our products over the phone. Contact us today by leaving your details and specifications on our online form. If you have any questions about our products or services, you can instead call us directly on 01722 414655.

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Use our online quoting engine to get estimated prices for a set of our sliding sash windows. It’s free to use, so get your estimated quote now.

As a double glazing installer local to Wiltshire, we value our customer’s trade more than a national company. With this, we cater to your individual needs and treat you with respect.

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What’s more, our quotes are always accurate and fully transparent. We won’t hit you with any hidden fees once the installation has been completed, with our prices covering supply and fit.

Our uPVC sliding sash windows are just one of the wide range of double glazing styles we offer to homeowners across Salisbury and Wiltshire.

If the traditional look of vertical sliders isn’t for you, then worry not. We have a broad array of other window styles, including designs that are better suited to modern properties.


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