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If home security and thermal efficiency are two of your top priorities, then you need to be installing one of our composite doors in your Salisbury home. They are becoming an increasingly popular renovation option here in Salisbury, blending comfort and style. Composite doors are a must if you want to get the most out of your home, as they retain more heat while better protecting you and your family.

They achieve this thanks to the inclusion of a composite slab. This solid timber core turns the centre of the door from its weakest spot to its strongest, drastically improving its overall robustness. Our composite doors are supplied to us by Solidor. They are at the forefront of their industry and offer a product with more customisation and a better design than any other manufacturer.

Why Choose Composite Doors?

Composite doors are the premium option when choosing a new entrance door. They deliver a better performance than other products, meaning you benefit from enhanced standards of thermal efficiency, acoustic insulation and weatherproofing.

Despite this, they are still a visually appealing home improvement option. By working with Solidor, we can offer composite doors with a wide range of customisation options, including over 11,000 colour finishes and a broad array of high quality accessories.

composite doors salisbury

Unrivalled Strength

Composite doors are perhaps best known for their rigidity. The addition of a solid timber core makes them almost impenetrable. This should reassure you that installing one will keep you and your family safe, in the unlikely instance that someone tries to break into your Salisbury home.

What’s more, each door will be fitted with one of the industry’s finest locking systems. Choose from one of many options, including Ultion locks, AV3 locks and Lock Locks. With such a wide range of options, you can choose the system that suits your tastes and budgets.

Thermal Performance

Another benefit of the timber core is that it will drastically improve the energy efficiency of your Salisbury property. With this, they retain more of your home’s natural heat, allowing it to sit at the optimal temperature.

As a result, installing one of our composite doors could prove to be a shrewd long term investment. By retaining more warmth, you may not have your heating on as high during winter. This not only saves you money over time but also improves your carbon footprint.

Longer Lasting

Composite doors are also a smart investment because of their impressive lifespan. If correctly maintained, these front doors will perform to a consistently high standard for decades before needing to be replaced. This is something you may not get with a different style of door.

The durable, weatherproof materials will perform in all elements. What’s more, Solidor’s range of foils will never fade over time, meaning the doors will never need to be re-finished. You’re investing in a door that could last a generation.

Composite Doors Prices Salisbury

Improve the performance of your Salisbury property with our composite doors. Our products can be costed up using our online quoting engine. You’ll be able to customise and configure your new front door, giving you a better idea of the final product. This also helps our quotes to be more accurate to the final price.

We are also more than happy to provide quotes for our products over the phone, if you’d prefer. Just leave your details, specifications and measurements on our online form, and we’ll contact you. You’re also welcome to call B&M directly on 01722 414655.

composite doors salisbury

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Use our online quoting engine today to calculate an accurate cost for one of our composite doors. It’s free to use, so get your online door quote now!

We take pride in offering our customers a comprehensive range of home improvement options. This means that if our composite doors are out of your budget, we have alternatives for you.

What’s more, we install the complete range of windows, doors and extensions. This means you can complete all your renovations with one installer, rather than juggling two or three.

When you choose B&M for your composite doors, you’ll be choosing an installer that understands the value of quality service. We cater to our customers’ individual needs.

Our dedicated support team are on hand to guide you through the renovations process, ensuring your installation is completed without undue stress or hassle.

While we naturally choose suppliers who provide quality products, we also place value on those that offer shorter lead times. This is why we chose Solidor for our composite doors.

This means that you won’t be waiting as long for your new front door when you choose B&M. Instead, your normal life will resume quicker, and you can enjoy your new renovations sooner.

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