Composite Doors for Amesbury Homes

We provide secure and thermally efficient composite doors to homes across Amesbury. These doors are great at retaining heat and are highly secure. Our composite doors are supplied to us by Solidor.

Solidor leads its industry and offers doors with stunning designs and unparalleled security. With a range of colours and styles to choose from, you can easily customise your Amesbury home.There are many different types of doors available today. But not all are built to the standard of our composite doors.

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Why Choose Composite Doors?

Composite doors are the premium pick when it comes to doors. They perform better than other products. The inclusion of a composite slab makes the timber core go from weak to strong. Thanks to this, the overall robustness of the door drastically improves.

Our doors are also made using multiple materials, which ensure their strength, durability and looks. Being stronger also makes it more difficult for people to break in. By choosing a composite door, you will be safe and secure.

Our composite doors will also keep your Amesbury home warm. And block any outside noise due to its acoustic insulation. They are also weatherproof! Meaning you won’t have to stress about any bad Amesbury weather seeping through.

With the help of Solidor, we can provide composite doors with a range of customisation options. Including a huge range of colour finishes, locks and accessories (glass, artistic glass, fused glass etc.).

The only real trade-off with installing a composite door is that you can expect to pay a little bit more. Compared to a standard UPVC door, however, the benefits far outweigh the additional cost.

Composite doors Amesbury prices

Unrivalled Strength

One of the many reasons composite doors are popular in new builds is their strength. A solid timber core makes these doors almost impenetrable. So, you can rest assured that you and your family will be kept safe in Amesbury.

And with us, you will have the option to choose the right lock for you. These choices include Ultion locks, AV3 locks and Lock Locks. With our wide range, you can get the lock best suited for your Amesbury home.

Thermal Performance

There is more than one benefit to a timber core. It will make your Amesbury home energy efficient. Composite doors keep your home’s natural heat. The core of a composite door can contain insulating materials, which offers protection from the cold.

And due to not having to have the heating constantly on, you will be able to save on energy bills. Plus, if you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll be pleased to get your carbon footprint down!

Longer Lasting

Composite doors are well worth investment. They have a very impressive lifespan. These doors, if maintained correctly, can last decades. Composite doors are perfect for your Amesbury home if you aren’t looking to change it every few years.

Our composite doors are weatherproof. The combined materials used to create them allows for high performance. Solidor’s foils won’t ever fade, which means no more re-finishing!


Composite Doors Prices Amesbury

Improve your Amesbury home with a composite door. Get a free online quote using our online quoting engine. Using the form helps our quotes to be accurate to the final price.

We are also very happy to provide quotes for our products over the phone. Just leave your details, specifications and measurements on our online form, and we’ll contact you. You’re also welcome to call B&M directly on 01722 414655.

Composite doors Amesbury prices

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Use our online quoting engine today to calculate an accurate cost for one of our composite doors. It’s free to use, so get your online door quote now!

We take pride in offering our customers a range of home improvement options. If you find the composite doors are out of your budget, we have alternatives for you to choose from.

Are you looking to do your whole house up? We install a complete range of windows, doors, conservatories and extensions. You can complete all your renovations with one installer using us rather than juggling two or three.

By using B&M for your composite doors, you can choose an installer that understands the value of quality service.

Our dedicated support team are on hand to guide you through the renovations process. The team will ensure your installation is completed without undue stress or hassle.

All our installers are professional and courteous and shall treat you and your house with respect when working on your home. You feel valued when you choose B&M.

While we naturally choose suppliers who provide quality products, we also value those who offer shorter lead times. For this reason, we chose Solidor for our composite doors.

Solidor doors are both leading the industry and provide fast service. Choosing B&M means you won’t be waiting long for your new front door. Instead, your normal life will resume quicker, and you can enjoy your new renovations sooner.

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