Tilt and Turn Windows for Salisbury Homes

Tilt and turn windows are among the most renovations options available to you in Salisbury and Wiltshire. They come with an innovative opening system, allowing them to be operated in more ways than one. They can be opened from the side thanks to robust hinges but can also be opened from the top and tilt forward, improving ventilation and aiding aesthetics.

We use REHAU profiles for our tilt and turn windows. They are renowned for producing high quality uPVC profiles for a range of window styles. The framework comes fitted with the finest integral hardware, ensuring a longer lasting and consistent performance. As a result, these windows are essential for the modern homeowner.

Why Choose Tilt and Turn Windows?

Tilt and turn windows make for a fantastic investment thanks to their functionality. By opening in two different ways, you’re able to better manage the ventilation of your home, while also allowing your windows to enhance the visual appeal of your property.

What’s more, by opening so wide from either side, these doors can also double up as a fire exit in an emergency situation. This makes them a smart choice for homes with hard to reach areas, such as older buildings or narrow, tall townhouses.

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Easy to Maintain

Tilt and turn windows require very little upkeep once the installation has been completed. As with our other uPVC windows, all you’ll need to do is keep the moving parts free of any excess dust. A light wipe with a cloth on the hinges, handles and locks is all that’s required.

What’s more, by tilting from the top, these windows are much easier to clean. You’ll be able to get them shining, without having to climb up a ladder or call in someone external. This again makes them a superb investment for those living in a taller house.

Energy Efficient

Our tilt and turn windows are fantastically thermally efficient. They do a great job of retaining heat during winter, allowing your home to sit at the optimal warmth, even with your heating on lower. This can save you money.

They achieve such a superb thermal performance thanks to the uPVC framework and double glazing. The former comes with internal chambers, drastically improving its ability to stop cold air from entering your home. Meanwhile, the glazing keeps a pocket between you and the cold outside.

Strong & Secure

Our tilt and turn windows provide your home with an enhanced standard of home security. Robust locking systems protect the frame at several points, thus limiting the amount of weak spots the window has. With this, you’re protected from the worst.

What’s more, by using uPVC and double glazing, the actual window itself contributes to its overall rigidity. uPVC is also impressively long lasting; aiding the durability of the tilt and turn windows we offer. Not only are you protected, but you’re protected for longer.

Tilt and Turn Window Prices Salisbury

We have an online quoting engine here at B&M Windows, which customers like you can use to get free prices for our products. Just include your specifications, and you’ll get an instant price that will be accurate to the final quote.

However, we can also provide quotes for our tilt and turn windows over the phone. Leave us your details and dimensions on our online contact form, and we’ll reach out to you. For the answers to any immediate questions, you can ring us directly on 01722 414655.

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One benefit of choosing B&M Windows are your installer of choice is our broad range of high quality products. We have something for every taste, function and budget.

That means if you aren’t a fan of our stunning tilt and turn windows, there are other options available for you. This includes traditional casements, French profiles and flush fitting designs.

We take pride in making sure that our prices are always fair and competitive. We manage this by continuously scouting the market around us, ensuring we are never charging too much.

What’s more, our online quoting engine will also cover the cost of both supply and installation. This is something other companies may not do, leaving you with nasty hidden fees.

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