Aluminium Bifold Doors Andover

We’ve been cutting and installing glass products for decades and thrive off word-of-mouth recommendations. B&M has built up a stellar reputation by keeping our customers’ happiness our priority with every installation we complete.

Our aluminium bifold doors are built with premium quality materials. B&M may cut glass, but we never cut corners on reliable, respectable service you won’t regret. We rely on AluK to fabricate our aluminium bifold doors, one of the industry’s finest.

Why Choose B&M's Aluminium Bifold Doors?

The profile for these doors is built to last with aluminium as opposed to timber or uPVC, enhancing weatherproofing, security, and sustainability. Thanks to this strength, they can be made slimmer than alternative materials, giving you larger glass panes that can match almost any home’s existing aesthetic.

Aluminium bifold doors can be outfitted in a number of ways, such as in a conservatory or extension, as a means of reaching your garden or patio. They can save on space, as they can collapse together like an accordion if you so wish, creating a gorgeous gateway that floods your chosen room in natural light.

aluminium bi-fold doors andover


Thanks to our thick double and triple glazing, your aluminium bifold doors can let in natural light while keeping unwanted sounds out. Double glazing can reduce sound pollution by as much as 31 decibels! So you’ll have no noise complaints while your aluminium bifold doors remain closed.

Combining this soundproofing with our obscured glass options allows your privacy to be maintained while the aluminium bifold doors are closed.

The doors can smoothly slide open to reveal gorgeous views of your patio or garden, keeping you in control.

To learn more about our bespoke glass options, click here and choose the perfect fit for your aluminium bifold doors.

Low Maintenance

Relax and be worry free about damage or cleaning upkeep. A warm soapy sponge is all you need to keep your aluminium bifold doors fresh and new. Unlike uPVC or traditional timbers, our aluminium bifold doors never tarnish and have a much longer-lasting life.

When combined with our tight fittings and steel-lined sliders, you won’t have to be concerned about leaks or stains to clean. A simple wipe-down with standard products occasionally can maintain the excellence of your aluminium bifold doors for decades to come.

Plus, as aluminium doesn’t tarnish or fade, your custom colours will remain vibrant and bright for years with minimal work.

Safe & Secure

Aluminium is much more robust in comparison to other regularly used frame materials. Thanks to the material’s incredible strength, we can make the casement frames slimmer compared to uPVC or timber. Despite the reduction in size the frames are just as, if not more durable than their counterparts and have unmatched resistance to warping, tearing or snapping.

A thin frame improves the aesthetic customisation of your aluminium bifold doors, providing more options to match the rest of your home better.

Plus, each of our aluminium bifold doors is fitted with your choice of cockspur or multipoint locking handles. They each provide your home with state-of-the-art security. Sleep easy, knowing your home remains safe with our reliable hardware and thick shatter-resistant glass panes.

Aluminium Bifold Door Prices Andover

If you’re based in Andover and looking to find out the cost of your aluminium bifold doors, check out our online quoting engine to get some estimated prices. It functions on any device, so there are no issues if you’re on the go. Alternatively, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about a quote over the phone. 

Give us a call at 01722 414655 or leave your details with us by filling out our online form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

aluminium bi-fold doors andover

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