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Enhance your Amesbury property with our aluminium bifold doors. Aluminium has been rising in popularity for all kinds of glass frame products. The high tensile strength, low weight, and low maintenance make it the perfect choice for genuinely modern glass product design.

B&M is a market leader in the home improvement sector, always striving to put the customer’s vision first. We believe in being just as transparent as our double glazed glass. Our aluminium bifold doors are provided to us by AluK, which is one of the industry’s most accredited and respected fabricators. 

When you choose B&M, you choose competitively priced products that don’t cut corners on quality.

Why Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors?

Our aluminium bifold doors can transform a home. They are crafted with premium materials and state-of-the-art glass-cutting techniques. The sliders are robust enough to withstand almost any weather, and the aluminium frames are incredible at resisting tarnishing, buckling, or warping under strain.

While open, they provide a beautiful opening to any patio or garden, and with low thresholds available, you don’t have to worry about accessibility. Plus, our aluminium bifold doors can offer your home the illusion of increased space by flooding your home with natural light and opening views up to the outside of your home.

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Improve your home’s sustainability with our aluminium bifold doors. Aluminium can withstand a lot more for much longer compared to timber or uPVC without tarnishing or needing intense maintenance. It doesn’t rust either, so you’ll be much less likely to need to replace your aluminium bifold doors any time soon after their installation.

Aluminium withstands the test of time due to its strong profile and can be recycled at the end of its long life. By being melted down and reformed, our aluminium can avoid landfills, making our business much healthier for the environment.

We continuously strive to find more ways to recycle any waste from our installations, and our aluminium bifold doors are just another way we continue to remain environmentally cautious.


Robust frames allow your aluminium bifold doors to stand firm in intense weather conditions. The aluminium’s impressive ability to resist warping and buckling makes it the perfect material for keeping your home safe. 

The glass we use for our aluminium bifold doors and all the rest of our products are double or triple glazed. Air is trapped between the layers of glass to insulate your home, keeping ambient heat in and the cold out. Even in the coldest months in Amesbury, your home can stay dry and warm even during rain or snow.

We can ensure that our aluminium bifold doors will remain easy to open with seamless operation. Every door is outfitted with high-performing stainless steel rollers. The rollers’ tough yet smooth construction means the door will never become sticky or jarred, no matter the weather that bombards them.

Glass Options

Our glass-cutting services cover a broad range of possibilities. Enhance your home with double or triple glazing to lower your carbon footprint and energy bills. Explore our beautiful range of colours to make your Amesbury home stand out, or invest in our privacy glass to keep your business to yourself.

Customisation is critical to make your aluminium bifold doors match the aesthetic of the rest of your beloved home. Bespoke glass cutting is integral to who we are, as we believe every order should be cut-to-fit and handled with care. Whatever your vision, we’re sure to make it a reality here at B&M Windows.

You can learn more about our glass-cutting services here. We’d be happy to provide a more detailed breakdown of our process and even provide you with a free quote.

Aluminium Bifold Door Prices Amesbury

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Each installation is built to order and utilises our bespoke glass-cutting techniques. You can customise your aluminium bifold doors in whatever way you like, from colours and finishes to sizes and glazing.

Customers come first. We can adapt and work around your schedule to cause as little disruption to your personal life as possible.

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