Aluminium Bifold Doors Shaftesbury

Our aluminium bifold doors can enhance any Shaftesbury home with their modern double glazing and durable slimline frames. At B&M, our aluminium bifold doors are provided to us by AluK, one of the industry’s most accredited and respected fabricators within the UK.

Unlike other bifold door materials, aluminium is lightweight and incredibly durable. These properties allow our doors to withstand intense weather conditions and sudden blows while also providing excellent sightlines and operational performance.

We offer double and triple glazing for our aluminium bifold doors to suit your ideal energy efficiency needs. The slim and sleek profiles make the doors easy to open, even with the additional weight from the triple glazing.

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Why Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors?

These bifold doors can provide a practical and space saving solution to your garden or patio entrance needs. The crystal clear glass panes are housed within sleek, durable frames that fold against each other via a smooth concertina principle. The precisely fitted rollers provide an easy operation that lets you open and close the doors without hassle.

They can be customised in almost every way, from hardware and glazing to colour and finishes. Plus, they can be fitted with a low threshold for easier access for all kinds of homeowners or guests.

Aluminium Bifold Door Prices Shaftesbury

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The modern glazing used in our aluminium bifold doors can provide excellent thermal performance for your Shaftesbury home. The double glazing prevents heat from radiating out from the home, allowing the heat to be used more effectively. You can remain warm and dry while the doors are closed throughout the year. Plus, by making better use of the heat your home generates, you could end up using less energy to continue heating it in the colder months, leading to a reduction in energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Additionally, the aluminium frames contain polyamide thermal breaks that help further to optimise the energy efficiency of our aluminium bifold doors. These breaks help prevent the heat from transferring through the metal, leading to a much more energy efficient design without compromising the structural integrity of the doors.

Slim Sightlines

The sleek and slim profiles of our aluminium bifold doors leave additional room for our bespoke glazing. With larger panes of energy efficient glass, our doors can provide excellent views of the outside while flooding your Shaftesbury home with natural light. Additionally, our aluminium bifold doors can create an illusion of expanded space while they are fully open. 

When aluminium bifold doors are pulled open, they fold together via a concertina principle, with each leaf collapsing into the other. This intelligent and smooth design combines with the lightweight yet durable properties of aluminium to offer an expansive entrance to your patio or garden.

When you design your aluminium bifold doors, you can choose the option of a reduced threshold to allow easy access for wheelchair users and pushchairs. A reduced threshold makes it easier to pass safely in and out of your home with a lowered tripping hazard.

Secure Design

We understand that safety and security are integral to any homeowner’s property. Our aluminium bifold doors are PAS24 certified and have undergone rigorous security tests for total peace of mind. The durable aluminium profiles and robust steel hinges are capable of resisting warping and cracking from intense weather conditions. Unlike other materials, you’ll never have to repaint, varnish, or sand these doors after heavy rainfall or unexpected damage. The industry leading locking mechanisms are designed to withstand modern intrusion techniques so that our aluminium bifold doors look great and perform greater.

No matter how you choose to customise your aluminium bifold doors, each one we install is created with security at the forefront of its design. Find out more about the security features of our doors by giving us a call at 01722 414 655 or using our handy online contact form.

Aluminium Bifold Door Prices Shaftesbury

Enhance your Shaftesbury home today with our modern and energy efficient range of aluminium bifold doors. Our bespoke quoting engine can get you a free accurate quote in just a few minutes and tailors to your specific requirements.

Call us on 01722 414 655 for more information, or fill out our online contact form with your details, and we’ll answer your questions as soon as possible.

Aluminium Bifold Doors Prices Shaftesbury

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