Affordable, 24hr repair service.

Most of the window installations in the household are likely to need repairs after a while. This is the reason, we, at B&M Windows provide window repairs to the consumers. Our team is experienced and qualified enough to provide repairs for a wide range of windows. Our company has helped several customers in the past in providing adequate repairs to the consumers.

  • Window Replacement
  • 24hr Service
  • Responsive call outs
  • Glass replacement

If the installed window is blocked or the glass has been damaged, then customers can contact our service team. We have a high response rate and can provide a prompt feedback on any problems that may arise. We offer window repair services on a 24 hour basis. We can repair a vast majority of windows that are sold in the market.

Our prices are affordable so that customers on a limited budget can also use our services. Customers can call us using the contact details that are given on the website.