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Available in a range of styles and colourways, our uPVC windows can be easily installed in your Shaftesbury home. It’s never been easier to transform your space than with our stunning designs made using the latest techniques and premium grade materials. Flood light and warmth into your space this year with our beautiful windows built with quality and functionality in mind.

Choose from our array of configurations and hardware accessories to add the finishing touches to your new uPVC windows. An ever-popular style amongst Shaftesbury homeowners, they are reliable and durable, creating the perfect barrier for your property. Whatever the weather outside, our products act as great temperature regulators, preventing your space from ever becoming too cold.

With years of combined industry experience between us, we are able to fit uPVC windows for an affordable price. You can rely on us to deliver outstanding results in your Shaftesbury home, never compromising on style and performance. To give you complete peace of mind too, our uPVC windows are highly secure, using a combination of durable materials and the latest locking mechanisms.

Double Glazing

Our uPVC windows combine premium grade materials with robust double glazing for market-leading results. Using a combination of traditional craftsmanship techniques as well as innovative technology is what makes our products so unique. We work with your specifications and requirements in mind to create the perfect solutions for your Shaftesbury property.

The low maintenance nature of our uPVC windows makes them the ideal addition to any home. They require very little upkeep, reducing the overall time and money spent on arduous aftercare. All they require is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth or damp to ensure the profiles remain glossy and are able to perform to the highest standards. Our products can be installed within weeks.

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Energy Efficiency

Dramatically improve the thermal efficiency of your Shaftesbury property with our innovative uPVC windows. Inside each of the profiles we use contains modern thermally broken chambers that prevent excess heat loss from occurring. In addition to this, these profiles trap pockets of warm air.

Our uPVC windows work to heat your Shaftesbury home more efficiently. The trapped pockets of air help to keep your space at an optimum temperature for longer, meaning you will have to rely less on your central heating for warmth. You may even see your energy bills reduce as a result.


Weatherproof your Shaftesbury property with our robust uPVC windows that will create the ideal barrier for your home. The innovative weather gaskets we use prevent excess rainwater from becoming clogged within the main frame, eliminating the possibility for mould or damp.

Our uPVC windows will never collect lots of condensation and mildew, as our products contain clever filtering systems that mean dirt, debris and water is taken away from the main frame. This will mean your uPVC windows will stay cleaner for longer, rarely needing to be repaired or replaced.


Customise your new uPVC windows with our extensive range of colourways and hardware accessories. All the coloured coatings we use are made of the finest quality pigments to ensure they never fade or tarnish in direct sunlight. They will continue to look as good as new for decades.

We have a selection of both bold colour choices and more muted hues. Whatever your preference, we can match your new windows to some of the existing aspects of your Shaftesbury home. Work with our team of talented experts to turn your visions into reality. We deliver excellence in your home.

uPVC Window Prices Shaftesbury

Modernise your Shaftesbury home with our customisable uPVC windows. To receive a free, no-obligation quote, simply fill out our online quoting engine. This takes minutes to complete.

If you have any further questions regarding any of the products we install, please complete our online contact form. Alternatively, give our team a ring on 01722 414655.

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