Tiled Conservatory Roofs for Andover Homes

Our tiled conservatory roofs are a fantastic choice for any Andover property. Experience the stunning aesthetics and how they can transform your traditional transparent roof systems. Our solutions are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners in Andover. Get in touch today to browse our range of conservatory roofs, and let’s transform for your home.

Replace your glazed roof with our outstanding tiled solutions. You can choose from a handful of colours, and make your home thermally efficient with ease and style. We offer a range of solutions such as Ultraframe, Eurocell, Equinox, and Guardian Warm Roof Products. Browse our solutions today.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs

We don’t just fit our outstanding tiled conservatory roofs alongside existing structures. Our solutions can be retrofitted onto an existing conservatory or orangery, replacing the old one and modernising your structure with ease and style.

By opting in, we will survey and assess your existing conservatory roof along with the frame. We will ensure that your new structure can be fitted safely, keeping your conservatory functional and safe. Then, we will remove the old one and install a high-quality solution.

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Better Heat Retention

You’ll notice a drastic spike in thermal efficiency by replacing glazed or polycarbonate roof panels with tiled ones. Our tiled solutions are engineered to retain as much heat as possible when you need it most, offering a cosy and thermally efficient solution all year round.

Never worry about your conservatory becoming stuffy, our ventilation systems can be fitted around the roofline to make sure that your structure remains cool during the summer months. Use your conservatory all year round with no problems. Invest in one of our tiled conservatory roofs today.

Enhanced Durability

Our tiled conservatory roofs come with robust and sturdy panels. They are made from long-lasting and highly rigid materials to ensure that your structure stays secure and robust for years to vome.

Have peace of mind knowing that our structures are completely weatherproof. By choosing one of our tiled conservatory roofs, you will benefit from complete protection against the elements all year round. Get in touch today.

Still Light & Airy

You don’t have to worry abut losing out on the bright and airy feeling you may already have with your conservatory. Our tiled conservatory roofs feature some double glazing panels, so you can keep your light ambience.

You can choose where you would like the glass panels, so you can make the most of the sunny areas within your structure. Get in touch today for more information on our conservatory roofs.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Prices Andover

Are you looking to get a new extension fitted with one of our tiled conservatory roofs? Use our innovative online quoting engine today to get an instant and accurate price.

If you’re instead looking to have your existing roof replaced with one of our structures, please contact B&M directly. Leave your details on our online form, and we’ll reach out to you. You can also call us directly to discuss our services on 01722 414655.

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Get A Quote Today

Use our online quoting engine to get an estimated price for a new extension fitted with one of our bespoke tiled conservatory roofs.

Our home improvement products are always competitively priced with the market around us in Wiltshire. We never want to charge over the odds for our double glazing.

With this, our tiled conservatory roofs could be available for much less than you were first expecting. Our prices are always fair, and we’re upfront about the complete supply and installation cost.

When you choose B&M over a national installer, you’ll receive the personal touch. Our unrivalled standard of customer service is what sets us apart from bigger companies.

We cater to each of our customers’ individual needs, offering support, guidance and reassurance. This ensures that the installations process is as stress free as possible for you and your family.

Each home improvement product we offer is made bespoke to order. Not only does this allow for a wider range of customisation options, but it promises the quality of our products.

You won’t just be buying a pre-built conservatory roof off a conveyor belt. You’ll be investing in a tailored build, crafted specifically for your Salisbury property.



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