Sliding Sash Windows for Andover Homeowners

Looking to replace your worn out, traditional wooden windows? Our sliding sash windows are a perfect choice for older properties in Andover. With our fantastic selection, you can enjoy the authentic look of timber windows without any of the disadvantages of real wood.

When choosing our sliding sash windows, your home will benefit from high-quality home improvements manufactured by Spectus. One of the market leaders in innovative window design, Spectrum fit the sliding sash windows with a number of energy-efficient properties. Your home will benefit from increased thermal performance, without compromising on aesthetics.

Not only this, but Spectus offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee with every sliding sash window they supply. This means that Andover homeowners can feel rest assured that their new windows will be protected for years to come.

Why Choose Sliding Sash Windows?

If you have a period property or traditional style home in Andover, there’s a high chance that you have authentic timber vertical sliding windows installed in your property. While timber windows are a great addition to older homes, they aren’t constructed with the same modern-day technology needed to protect your home.

In order to adapt to the modern homeowner, our sliding sash windows are fitted with exceptional pile seals helping prevents your home from any cold draughts. Additionally, our selection has in-built spring balances and child safety catches to prevent the window from slamming shut and causing injury.

When choosing B&M’s sliding sash windows, you’ll benefit from a plethora of modern features while keeping your Andover home’s period charm.

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High Thermal Performance

Unlike conventional vertical sliders, our uPVC sliding sash windows have fantastic thermal insulation. The internal chambered profile works to prevent any cold from entering your home, while improving overall heat retention. This sophisticated design works perfectly alongside the windows in-built double glazing, helping keep your home warm and comfortable all year round.

These energy-efficient features can also help reduce the need to use central heating, helping you curb the cost of your energy bills in the long run. The double-glazed sliding sash windows create an air pocket in its profile, preventing any cold draughts from seeping through. outside, ensuring as little heat escapes as possible. Our exceptional selection is a fantastic investment for any homeowner.


We can create sliding sash windows to specifically fit your property’s requirements. Andover homeowners can build bespoke uPVC windows that can be fitted with a number of customisable options. Spectus offer over 30 colour finishes, ensuring that customers find sliding sash windows that perfectly complement their Andover home.

Browse a range of finishes such as authentic woodgrain shades like Rustic and Natural Oaks. By opting for a timber look window, homeowners can enjoy traditional wooden aesthetics with upgraded modern fittings.

Why not make your sliding sash windows truly unique with our fantastic visual enhancements? Choose from a variety of additional features such as authentic sash horns, which excel in both security and visual appeal. As well as this, you have the option to customise your design with a range of handles, Georgian bars and other accessories.

Long Lasting

Every sliding sash window we install is made from sturdy uPVC rather than timber. uPVC is an exceptionally hardwearing and robust material, with a significantly longer life span than other window materials. Our sliding sash windows promising long-lasting performance, while protecting your home and boasting beautiful aesthetics. uPVC can function seamlessly for 20 to 30 years before needing to be replaced, making them a perfect addition to your home.

Our sliding sash windows are also a perfect choice for busy homeowners. Their low maintenance, easy to clean profiles means that there’s no need for time-consuming cleaning or upkeep. The innovative design allows the top pane to be titled outwards. This allows homeowners to easily clean hard to reach areas, helping you have spotless windows all year round.

What’s more, repainting and varnishing is a thing of the past with our sliding sash windows. The durable coating and sturdy exterior only require intermittent dusting to keep the window solution looking as good as new.

Sliding Sash Windows Prices Andover

Here at B&M Windows, we provide homeowners with free, no-obligation quotes. You can use our quoting engine where you can receive quick and easy competitive prices on all of our products. Simply enter your requirements and receive sliding sash window quotes in seconds!

Alternatively, you can directly with a member of our friendly team. Here homeowners can discuss their upcoming project or ask for a quote over the phone. Fill out our online contact form or reach us on 01722 414655.

sliding sash windows quotes andover

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As a double glazing installer local to Wiltshire, we value our customer’s trade more than a national company. With this, we cater to your individual needs and treat you with respect.

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Our uPVC sliding sash windows are just one of the wide range of double glazing styles we offer to homeowners across Salisbury and Wiltshire.

If the traditional look of vertical sliders isn’t for you, then worry not. We have a broad array of other window styles, including designs that are better suited to modern properties.


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