Patio Doors for Andover Homeowners

Create a bright and uplifting living space in your Andover home with our stunning range of high-quality patio doors. We have a fantastic selection of patio doors perfect for you. The frame operates on a modern inline slider, giving you seamless functionality even after years of repeated use. We provide multiple customisation options and features to make your new patio doors perfect for you.

We install uPVC patio door profiles from industry-leading suppliers REHAU. They are industry leaders in manufacturing uPVC patio doors and offer the highest quality products to please homeowners in Andover. By choosing our high-quality uPVC doors, you are choosing the very best for your home with improved thermal efficiency, better insulation and additional security. Get in touch today.

Why Choose Patio Doors?

Patio doors are an excellent, diverse and popular back door choice for Andover homeowners. You can still keep their timeless style, but these solutions benefit from modern technology. These uPVC patio doors are fitted with double glazing to offer you the very best insulation, so your home can become more energy-efficient and cost-effective over the years.

Conventional patio doors may rust or become difficult to operate over time. With our cutting edge patio doors, the traditional sliders have been enhanced to ensure the very best operation for years to come. Our doors can also be fitted with a lower threshold, and the bottom of the profile can be made thinner, making your door perfect for creating an accessible home suited to wheelchair users or those with pushchairs.

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Energy Efficiency

At B&M, our patio doors have advanced internal structures. The double-glazing works in tandem with the robust uPVC framework, giving incredible thermal performance and improved insulation. Even during the colder months, our patio doors will retain the natural heat of the home to create a warmer, more energy-efficient space.

In addition, our high-quality patio doors will provide optimal thermal ventilation all year round in your home, You won’t have to worry about your space becoming stuffy or uncomfortable. The wide-spanning patio doors can operate and let fresh air into your Andover home with ease. Contact us today for more information.

Low Maintenance

Our uPVC patio doors have been designed and chosen to ensure that they do not require maintenance even after constant use. The profiles are robust and long-lasting, meaning that they require minimal upkeep to keep them looking fresh for years to come.

To clean your new installation, all that is needed is the occasional dust to ensure each of the moving components are free of any dust or dirt. By cleaning the handles and other components periodically, you will make sure that your patio doors are long-lasting for many years to come.


Our uPVC doors are superior to conventional patio doors that are known for their mediocre lifespan and poor weather resistance. These designs were not created with modern hardware and would struggle to compete with modern weather conditions. Meaning poor insulation and efficiency throughout your Andover home.

However, our exciting range of patio doors is able to meet all of your needs and more. Have confidence in our thermally efficient and weatherproof designs. Our range is watertight, so you never have to worry about the effects of unpredictable British weather. Get in touch today for more information on our patio doors.

Patio Doors Prices Andover

If you are looking to upgrade your home with our modern patio doors, get in touch today! You can receive a free, no-obligation quote via our online quoting engine.

Or, if you prefer, you can speak directly to a member of our friendly team. Reach out to us via our online contact form or call on 01722 414655. We look forward to helping you with your enquiry on our patio doors and will do everything we can to help you start your project.

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Use our online quoting engine today to get an instant estimated price for a set of our patio doors. It works on any device, so get a quote wherever you are.

Our in-house team of installers are as skilled as there are courteous. This leads to professional and efficient fittings of all our products, including our patio doors.

They take a duty of care to remove all waste from your property once the installation has finished. What’s more, by offering quicker lead times, disruption to your normal life is minimal.

We take pride in being your local double glazing installer in Wiltshire. We thrive off our local reputation, treating our customers better and catering to their every need.

This standard of customer service will not be found when going to a national installer. We guide you through the installations process, making it as stress and hassle free as possible.

We have a wide range of different products available here at B&M. This means that we can cater to varying tastes and budgets of our customers across the Salisbury area.

We understand that our stunning patio doors may not be for everyone, so offer alternatives to our customers. You can instead opt for a set of French or bi-folding doors if you’d prefer.


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