French Doors for Amesbury Homes

Add elegant style to your property with the addition of our beautiful French doors! This high performance home improvement solution has been around for years and is loved by many due to its classic style. If you are looking for a design that has already stood the test of time and is guaranteed to add chic flair to your property, our French doors are ideal.

French doors, also sometimes known as swing doors, are unique due to their opening configuration. They open from the middle in two parts, similar to a curtain. This style of door originated in Europe and is perfect for homeowners looking to add something a little different to their property.

Our uPVC French doors are manufactured by market leaders REHAU. REHAU are well known within the home improvement industry due to their modern uPVC profiles and finessed designs. Their products meet the perfect middle ground of modern design and enhanced functionality. We are extremely proud installers of REHAU doors and aim to help our customers achieve their dream home with every purchase and installation.

Why Choose French Doors?

French doors have many benefits that other standard door designs do not, but they are most popular due to their widespread versatility. As well as coming in a range of different design formats and colours, they can be installed as either a French patio door or in replacement of a traditional back door. You may opt to have both a French patio door and a traditional back door! At B&M Windows, we recommend that you fit one of these stunning doors into any garden facing room. This allows for an inflow of natural light while allowing you to watch the seasons pass by.

Many of our customers choose to have their French doors installed into a conservatory or orangery. Due to the classic style, this is often the perfect pairing. It allows your home to feel better connected to your garden

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Our French doors are made by REHAU using uPVC. uPVC is used due to the benefits it offers to home improvement structures. As well as creating a high performing product, it is highly customisable by nature. This allows for our French door designs to be tweaked and changed to ensure that they are bespoke to each individual customer. We understand how important it is that your new doors meet your requirements, whether you want to retain the style of your Amesbury home or completely reinvent it.

Because of this, our French doors come in a range of classic, bold and neutral colours. If your property is more traditional, you may like to opt for one of our authentic woodgrain finishes.

Energy Efficient

Here at B&M Windows, we understand how important it is that your new installation adds value to your home, rather than taking away. This is why we only work with manufacturers who allow us to supply our valued customers with high performing products that excel in important areas such as thermal efficiency.

Our French doors are designed to allow for maximum heat retention. We use double glazing as standard in all our doors, ensuring that cold transfer is kept to a minimum. Innovative profiles make sure that heat is trapped and retained, creating a stable internal temperature all year round. You will find yourself using your home, conservatory or orangery for a variety of purposes even in the coldest of months.

Increased Security

With the installation of our French doors, your home’s levels of security will increase. This is due to the modern security features that our doors contain as standard. We make sure to use premium locking systems in all of our products, ensuring that your home will be protected to the highest standards.

As previously mentioned, our French doors contain vast panels of robust double glazing. These panels are extremely strong and cannot be used as a point of weakness. Sleep easy knowing that what matters most is protected.

French Doors Prices Amesbury

If you would like to get a free quote and get your latest home improvement project started, please feel free to use our online quoting engine. Here you will be able to design your dream installation to your exact specifications and receive a free quote.

If you would prefer to speak to a member of our team directly, please do not hesitate to either call us on 01722 414655 or fill in our online contact form. Once you provide us with your desired measurements and further information on what it is you are looking for, we will reach out to you.

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We don’t hide the fact that we’re smaller than the national installers. In fact, we thrive off of it. This is because we believe we treat our local customers with more respect and value.

You’ll be kept in the loop for the duration of the installation, with a dedicated support team on hand to guide you through. We take pride in being polite, courteous and professional at all times.

Our in-house team of installers are skilled and experienced. This means they are able to complete their fittings of our French doors in a shorter amount of time, without compromising on quality.

What’s more, our team will take a duty of care to ensure your home isn’t left a tip. We’ll remove all waste from your property, recycling of it where we can as well.

Despite offering quality, market-leading home improvements, our prices are often more affordable than that of a national installer. In fact, they’re incredibly fair and competitive.

With this, your dream French doors could be available for much less than you were first expecting. What’s more, we don’t add nasty hidden fees to bump up the cost of your installation.


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