Bringing Back the Classics

Sliding Sash Windows are a great way of adding character to a new build or maintaining the traditional look of your Amesbury home. Although they are inspired by the 19th-century design, you’ll enjoy a 21st-century performance for your property. Improved heat retention, security, weatherproofing and more are just some of the benefits.

To ensure you get the best quality for your home, we use the Spectus profile for our Sliding Sash Windows. This is one of the best profiles on the market. Designed with better hardware, it is neatly hidden with decorative enhancements.

Why Choose Sliding Sash Windows?

For Amesbury homeowners that live in older properties, then sliding sash windows are ideal. These uPVC windows are inspired by traditional joinery but doesn’t provide the same high maintenance issues of that material. You’ll retain the heat in your home for longer to provide a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

If you have young children, these windows won’t put them at risk. Our sliding sash windows are designed with child safety catches and spring balances, preventing the winter from trapping fingers or slamming shut. Cold draughts and damp will also be problems of the past once this window will be installed.

Sliding Sash Window Prices Amesbury

Designed For You

To ensure the Amesbury homeowner gets the best fit for their home, we make our sliding sash windows bespoke to order. With a range of customisation options available, the vertical slider will truly suit your home. There are more than 30 colours to choose from, including woodgrain finishes.

The frames of our sliding sash windows can also be visually improved. Sash horns can be incorporated within the design, improving the look and security of the window. Other accessories include Georgian Bars and decorative handles. This allows you to get a truly bespoke window for your home.

Lasting Quality

When you purchase a new window, you want to be certain it provides years of good service. Our sliding sash windows are built with uPVC instead of timber. uPVC has a significantly longer lifespan and can offer 20 to 30 years of good service before needing replacing. This far exceeds the use of timber.

Our sliding sash windows require less maintenance than timber. The profile will retain its quality and never fade or need varnishing. The only maintenance needing to be carried out is to give it an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. The top pane itself can tilt inwards, allowing for easy cleaning.

Thermally Efficient

Unlike old sliding sash windows, our modern designs are extremely thermally efficient. These designs are built with multiple chambers that work alongside the double glazing panes. Through this, you’ll enjoy a comfortable temperature within your Amesbury home year-round, even in the cold winter months.

With your Amesbury home staying warmer for longer, you’ll start to rely less on your central heating to warm your property. Through our sliding sash windows, you’ll reduce your energy bills, giving you money to spend on things you want. Over time,  the carbon footprint of your Wiltshire home will shrink.

Sliding Sash Window Prices, Amesbury

If you’ve seen a Sliding Sash Window you think will improve your Amesbury home, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01722 414 655 or fill out our online contact form.

For those who know what colour Sliding Sash Window they want for their property, you can start an online quote. Just enter a few details to receive a bespoke estimate with no obligation to book.

Sliding Sash Window Prices Amesbury

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It’s important when choosing sliding sash windows that you get a product that truly complements your Amesbury home. When you choose B&M Windows, you’ll be in the driving seat. Every step of the way, you’ll be able to choose what you want for your window. Our team makes sure to carry out installations to the highest of our ability, so you’ll only ever get the best window for your home.

Sometimes the cost of new sliding sash windows can put the homeowner off buying them. At B&M Windows, all our products offer the best performance and represent great value for money. As a company, we also keep an eye out on how much our competitors are charging. This allows us to offer low and fair pricing to our Amesbury customers.

To give our Amesbury customers complete peace of mind that their sliding sash windows are built to last, we offer a guarantee of quality. We only use the finest profiles to ensure that our customers get long-lasting windows for their home. Should in the unlikely event a problem occur with your window in this time, our helpful team will be on hand to fix it.


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