The entrance of your home can create a welcoming feel to your guests and is a crucial part of your house, in other words in can make or break your impression on your guests. Through our expert advice you can now carefully select the right colour, design and material suitable for your exterior look. We offer a comprehensive collection of PVC door panels which come in diverse range of designs, colours and glass option.

  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost
  • Extensive list of colours & Designs
  • High security

We understand that our customers demand for variety when it comes to selecting products. As you will browse through our extensive collection of PVC door panel, you will find that we stock door panels from contemporary to traditional designs that will satisfy all your taste and style requirements.

We at B&M guarantee the use of good quality material while manufacturing door panel and take into consideration the environment also, due to which our door panels are free of lead. You can also refer to our expert advisors for any further inquiries.